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long time after school

school has been out for a year. i tend to write in this thing when i just need to vent. which is fine.
lets start off with this

i have ringworm. yea gross i know. i'm disgusted and it seems like i'm really the only one who wants it to go away. apparently it is very contagious and did i mention disgusting. makes me want to crawl into a large hole and never come out. tomorrow i plan on cleaning. cleaning everything. i hate cleaning but it has to be done. yuck

oh yes the reason i got ringworm is because i'm fostering kittens. 3 at forst one got adopted and now i have two. two kitties both with ringworm. oh joy. don't get me wrong i love them but i do with that this never really happened. purely because of the ringworm. the fostering has been a lot of fun.

i'm also going back to school. to vet tech school. don't be confused with vet school but rather vet tech school. i'm excited not looking forward to spending the money but still excited. i have a list of things i need to buy... well not really need but want to have for the near future and i just don't see it happening.

life is good usually just right now i'm down in the dumps. i think i'll stay here a while... or at least until ringworm goes away.
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