Megan (kittygoesgrr) wrote,

new life

New life

i'm now almost a college graduate. i have found that 4 years in college turns my stomach to think that it has changed me in so many unnoticeable ways. i'm still megan... but i feel different... i feel fresh and scared. i have all of this knowledge but no one but me cares. i feel like i'm changing (which i am) from day to day and everyday i meet someone new i grow a little bit.

i'm graduating. lee said i would be in this boat. there is a point where i am excited, i'm scared, i'm frantic. what do i feel? what will i feel? i'm going home will it go back to how it was when i was in high school? i sure hope not. like i said i've changed.

i've been taking pictures and it has been making me question reality a little bit. i can't wait to meet new people back home. i will miss the people here though. i will also miss my freedom that comes along with santa cruz.
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I feel you- MEGAN how are you??? long time no talk!!
god it's been forever... you live on nobel so do i! i see you occasionally i think walking. :( man i miss you and i know we weren't great friends but the times we did have were fantastic. are you graduating?
you do?? you should holler! hahah

I miss you too! We should keep in touch!

Yeah I'm graduating, but I decided not to do any ceremony. Where's home for you?



April 28 2009, 18:37:57 UTC 8 years ago

Wow a new journal update! :)

You have definitely grown as a person since you first started Santa Cruz. You are still the same Megan everyone knows and loves but you have even more to offer the world now.

Bones 2.1

Re: !!!


April 28 2009, 18:38:21 UTC 8 years ago

Oops that was me <3