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my weekend/week

this weekend was really nice on friday i was glad that school was over. i had a midterm in italian and i think it totally kicked my ass. once that was over my day didn't seem as bad.

my weekend-
- i got a new paif of shoes
- i saw tiffany at bath and body works and had coffee with her on her break.
- i got alias season 4 (finally)
- i watching infernal affairs with the gang and we all enjoyed it
- i felt kind of crappy all weekend (dizzy... lightheaded... tired... lazy....)and i'm kind of unsure why
- DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME.... best time of the year i swear. i called my mom and wished her a happy daylight savings time day and she was just as happy as i was ALSO i woke up this morning and it was light out
- me and frankie made crab rangoon. they turned out alright a little fishy for my tastes but there is always next time to try a different recipie

i don't really know what else to say. i'm really tired... and i'm really bored.... so i'm just totally blabbing.
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