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buon giorno!

so last night me and my housemate lee figured out the details of our holloween get together/ party whatever you want to call it. i'm really looking forward to it because i've never actually planned anything like this before and it should be a lot of fun. i'm just hoping that my friends and lee's friends click well. we shall find out! anywho i need help figuring out what i want to be for holloween. this year i figured i would be adventerous and not be a cat... too predictable i suppose..... me and lee have come to the conclusion that i should be sydney bristow... for any of you who don't know who that is... your loss! haha it seems fitting i'm just unsure if people will know who i am. any other ideas?

school this year is good. i'm still working on doing better than last year. i'm in the libaray now because i have an hour and a half break before my next class. i should be doing italian homework but i think i'll wait for my next break. as for relationship stuff sure there has been drama and there has been that deadly pit feeling in my stomach but aside from that i'm good in that area. i'm really enjoying living off campus i think it's a ton of fun. i couldn't ask for a better housemate. we have yet to do the bonfire thing which i really would like to do but i know sometime in the future it will get done.

then this for fun

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