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hospitals, icky food, and my past week

So the past weeks have been kind of a blur. i got a call from my doctor while i was in yoga class on monday saying that i needed to go into the doctor right away to get more tests done because the blood samples they took from me the previous week were irregular. this creeped me out. i went to the hospital and they did a bunch of body scans and all this stuff with big machines. i got to inhale gas and see my lungs on screen. that was pretty interesting. anyways it turned up that i had a pulminary embilism (sp) in other words i had a blood clot in my lungs. this creeped me out even more to the point where i went on one of those nonstop crying binges where whenever you go to talk you can't really talk because all you do is blurt out crying. after about 4 hours of sitting in the lab talking to my parents/other doctors on the phone, the nicest receptionist at the lab took me up where i needed to go to check in because they were going to admit me to the hospital. she knew i was scared and she said that she had a daughter my age that would be clueless about what to do like i was. my parents showed up around 8:30pm and my mom stayed with me from monday until sat. when i was released. that week was such a complete blur. for just the first two days i really didn't want to talk about my problem because of t hat spontainious crying thing but then after that i just mad whenever my mom would call someone and talk to them about it because i was so sick of hearing about it. the doctor we had was reallllyyy nice but he was so boring haha me and my mom both made fun of him after he left. that was a high point. by the end of the week lee and frankie had both come to see me and i was feeling a lot better because i could actually leave my room. lee brought me a bunch of clothes which was a total life saver because i didn't really think to pack undies on my way to yoga. frankie came on sat. and brought me and my mom REAL food. OH YEA.... i had the best hot dog while i was in there.... after 4 days of hospital food.... my mom went to 711 because the deli next door was closed and bought me a hotdog... it was friggin amazing! anywaysss that's the short version of my story.... i'll be on meds for the next 6 months to help thin out my blood and whatnot so no car accidents for me :)
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