Megan (kittygoesgrr) wrote,

stresses of everyday life

I've been working lately. since my last post i was just fostering kittens (which by the way i ended up keeping 2 of) and looking for careers in the animal field. I have since found not just one job, but two. i work one day a week at a slower paced more intimate practice in rohnert park and 4 other days a week in a fast paced santa rosa practice. i am currently working as a veterinary technician which may sound lovely and exotic... well actually yes it is. i really do enjoy the work although like some jobs, it does have it's woes. the pay is decent. living wage which will only go up which is nice. my parents constantly remind me that i am not making thousands of dollars and that tends to make me feel crappy about what i do. i know they do it out of love but sometimes it just doesn't seem that way. i won't let that get me down because it is more important for me to like my job then be miserable with what i do. About the job i am learning so much. i like one job more than the other, but the perks of one are better than the other. not sure if a private practice is something that i would want to do forever, but for now it is getting me through the program until i can decide what i want to specialize in. shelter work, research work, community involvement, certain types of medicine. all these things i can specialize in, but i can't really seem to pick something that i like.

on a new note.
about me.
life is good. I'm relaxed when I'm not stressed, and i have found that some things make me happier than others. something i miss from school are the racquetball courts. i miss the sound and the ability to go there whenever i please. i know i have my hobbies, but my hobbies have become a chore to follow up with. i wish i had a clone that i could bring out with me to do these hobbies so i didn't have to rely on someone else to be there. that would be lovely thanks. i guess the point of group hobbies is to make friends and socialize, but like those people who like to zone others out, this is what i want to do.

on a totally irrelevant note. i find writing with pencil and paper much more therapeutic than typing. this could be because i can doodle on the edges while I'm writing where with typing it is so black and white line by line.
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