Megan (kittygoesgrr) wrote,

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stupid bio of aids

so this teacher... i thought she was a really good teacher. apperantly she is tooooooo busy for her students so she takes 800 years to get back to me and have me take my final... okay so i take the final and everything is okay. whatever... i get an e-mail this morning saying that she has no record of me ever going to sections or doing my big final project which pretty much screws me in the class. i did my final project and i also turned it in early. i thought i was doing a good gesture when i turned it in early but my friggin ta was so irresponsible and had no idea what he was doing. i took all of the quizzes that marked my attendence she SHOULD have records of me somewhere!! ugh i am sooo mad right now i'm trying to study for my finals that are this week and i can't even do that. seriously this class has been teh biggest pain in the butt ever. stupid hospital... stupid ta.. and stupid teacher! bleh
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